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Visitors/Phone Calls/Txts

As most of you are aware I'm not one to shy away from a social life and my friends and family mean a lot to me, as does knowing you are all there to support me through this roller coaster ride!

Please don't stop messaging me, txt messages are great as I can read and respond when I'm feeling up to it. That being said, if I don't get back to you it's not that I haven't been touched by your lovely thoughts, I've probably just forgotten or my heads not in the game. 

Hopefully this blog will keep you posted on where I'm at and how things are going. 



As I'll be immune compromised and the likelihood that COVID is travelling down the country, please remember the importance of signing into places, especially if you're planning a visit. Please be mindful of coughs/colds within your family and try to arrange another time to come as not too spread germs. 

Chemo Details (First 12 weeks): One every 3 weeks

16th November,

10th Dec,

31st  Dec - Happy NY to me!!

21st Jan 

Its been advised that I'll start feeling better a week after each treatment

Visitors: Flick me a txt, I will message back if I'm up for a visitor.


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Marble Surface
Marble Surface
Referring to cancer as a 'journey' implies that its a stress-free process that unfolds in a Zen way, but what cancer patients actually experience is fear and sheer exhaustion.
Kelsey Crowe,
co-author of
"There Is No Good Card For This"

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Marble Surface

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