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I’m on the way back up..

I’m on my way back up, definitely looking better, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the last week of radiation. Here’s what I think caused it and some advice on the in between stage, surgery - radiation.

I found a new lease on life! 4 weeks after surgery, I started to regain energy, grow some hair and eyebrows, suddenly seeing a glimpse of the old me. I think I went a bit too hard, running round, doing too much both within the family and socially. Covid restrictions/fears had eased a little and it was inevitable to make the most of my new found freedom. Radiation has a two week lag, so it makes sense that two weeks in I hit a massive wall. My advice, rest rest and more rest before radiation - don’t be to keen to get on with life too soon, after all, you are still in active treatment.

I have allowed myself to rest since Friday last week by doing the following.

  1. Accepting offers of cooked dinners

  2. Not attending the girls sport games both Sat and Sun, choosing to rest in bed instead

  3. Reading - I’ve got into reading after many years off, so far finished two books

  4. Writing - writing helps me to reflect on where I’m at and where I’d prefer to be.

  5. Yoga - I’ve had an incredibly sore upper back, I feel like this is from over doing it after 8 months of nothing with a terrible posture to boot, not to mention a lack of core. My advice, stretch and incorporate yoga/stretching/Pilates as soon as you can after surgery. I’ve brought the mat into my bedroom so I do it first thing in the morning and night before bed.

  6. Being honest with my thoughts and feelings and focussing on myself and the family.

  7. Because Sam has covid, the girls are also home - this has actually been good for me as I don’t need to rush out of bed or run around after them after school.

  8. I’ve started taking a higher strength vitamin D and increased my whole thyroid.

Thank you so much for all your phone calls, txts, deliveries and messages of support - they all mean the world to myself and the family and truely do help through these tough times. I’m nearly at the end of a long road of treatment, the physical, emotional and mental being is not going to miraculously stop there, it will be another long but different road to heal and recover, it will be nice to focus on finding the new ‘me’ rather than just getting through each week.

FYI: only Sam has covid, he’s isolating in the room above the garage and has been bed ridden for 3 days (poor guy), it’s been a struggle having my main supporter down (health is everything), but we’re managing and the girls have really stepped up!


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